June 2018 | Issue 36


Anatomy Challenge: From conception to continuity
Marc Dany pic.jpgBy Marc Dany, Class of 2021 and Organising Chairperson

“… and perhaps we’ll see you next year?” was Vice-Dean of Education Professor Naomi Low-Beer’s closing remark at Anatomy Challenge 2017.

While there were no stipulations in the original proposal as to the frequency of Anatomy Challenge, the success of the inaugural event last year – and taking the hint from our Vice-Dean Prof Low-Beer – convinced the first organising committee to make it an annual affair.

The first edition of Anatomy Challenge was a brilliant proof of concept, and the second set out to show that it could be sustainable, so we challenged ourselves to plan a bigger and better event. On Saturday, 21 April 2018, after nine months of hard work, the second edition of Anatomy Challenge finally came to fruition.

This year’s focus is Musculoskeletal Anatomy. With the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in the general population, we wanted to not only showcase LKCMedicine’s unique anatomical teaching, but also demonstrate how musculoskeletal injuries are managed in reality. To that end, we liaised with many external partners – Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education, Singapore Centre for 3D Printing, TTSH Rehabilitation Medicine, and TTSH Foot Care & Limb Design Centre – to create an exhibition that showcased how musculoskeletal conditions could be managed from hospital to home, from 3D-printed joint replacements, to the use of Kinect for Xbox for rehabilitation.

AC 3 (Custom).JPGAC 2 (Custom).JPG
Participants of the Anatomy Challenge enjoy the various booths located on level 7, with sponsors showcasing their projects and prototypes

During Anatomy Challenge 2017, the carnival-themed booths were a huge hit with the participants, who were eager to learn about anatomy and experience anatomical education in the same way an LKCMedicine student would. Therefore, a key thrust of this year’s challenge was to expand the range of interactive booths.

However, working towards the ambitious goal of a bigger and better event was not without its challenges. The Programmes committee had to arrange for a larger number of display booths and contacted more external organisations. The Logistics committee catered for a larger turnout of over 200 participants from 19 schools, their teachers and student supporters. 

Despite numerous rehearsals where the IT system worked seamlessly, Wi-Fi failures during the final rehearsal on the night caused us to fall back on a pen-and-paper solution. The auditorium power tripped during lunchtime, but as all the participants and guests were either at the booths or having lunch outside, and the problem resolved quickly, the power outage essentially went unnoticed.

AC 1 (Custom).JPG
The participants face challenge after challenge, fighting their way to become the winners of Anatomy Challenge 2018

Competitors had to take a gruelling 40 multiple-choice-question individual challenge, where the combined highest scores would form the school team challengers. The five teams: two teams from Nanyang Polytechnic, one each from Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore Polytechnic and River Valley High School, then proceeded to take each other on in a fun, but tense, gameshow-style quiz. Plaudits to the deserving first- and second-place winners for the individual challenge, Milton Lew and Deborah Lee respectively, both from the Nanyang Polytechnic School of Chemical and Life Sciences. Nanyang also took the first and second places for the team challenge. Tony Ng of Hwa Chong Institution took the third individual prize while River Valley High School came away with third placing for the team challenge.

This event would not have been possible without the help of the various LKCMedicine faculty and departments – Office of Medical Education, Communications & External Relations, Academic Affairs, IT Systems & Services. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of the organising committee.

In the years to come, I hope that the Anatomy Challenge continues to be a flagship event that promotes LKCMedicine’s brand name, showcases frontiers in anatomy education with clinical relevance, and draws prospective students to LKCMedicine.

Considering the success of this year’s edition of the Anatomy Challenge and its current upward trajectory, perhaps we’ll see you next year?