December 2012 | ISSUE 3
Training Confident and Competent Doctors

By Ramani Saravanan

Time has passed so quickly and before I know it, 2013 is almost here.  2013 will indeed be a momentous year for the School as it will admit its first cohort of students. The year 2012 was an extremely busy time but it’s been a joy working with the talented and dedicated team here at LKCMedicine. As a trained nurse, I’ve always found it eminently gratifying to serve and provide healthcare to the public. It is for this reason that I am very glad I’ve been given the opportunity to be part of a team that will train the next generation of doctors for Singapore.

At LKCMedicine, my role is Lead for Clinical Skills training. I’m pleased to say that the training we have designed will accentuate how clinical skill is an art, with dexterity and precise coordination as its distinguishing elements. Performing skillful clinical care involves understanding the tools and equipment, current and new. And to use the medical instruments optimally, it takes practice. Basic medical tasks such as collecting a blood sample and inserting a urinary catheter into patients are not easy procedures. The psychomotor adeptness required needs a systematic approach and guided performances on realistic prosthetics.

So how do we train our medical students to be confident and competent doctors in their skills? Here at LKCMedicine, we place emphasis on hands-on experiences during the students’ clinical skills sessions in order for the students to perform with accuracy and speed. The multiple skill rehearsals will also encourage critical thinking and clinical reasoning processes. Students will be provided many opportunities to understand their ‘realistic and unpredictable’ environment. With the integration of clinical communication, clinical methods and clinical skills in their training, the students will learn to recognise, respond and react to all sorts of clinical situations during their clinical skills lessons. All through their clinical skills training, and the rest of their learning experience at LKCMedicine, our students will be nurtured to place their patient at the centre of their exemplary care. It is therefore a great hope of mine and the School that we will be producing doctors with thinking hearts and prudent hands with a genuine sense of duty.