June 2015 | Issue 18


Learning and growing together

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By Ong Sihui 
E​​xe​cutive, Operations & Resources (Infrastructure)

I started working at LKCMedicine in 2012, when the School was just a small organisation with a staff size of about 50 and no students. Fast forward three years and look at where we are now, with close to 300 staff and faculty and 132 students (with more to come in the 2015 intake).

This was my first full-time job, and I was filled with excitement to start work with the Communications & External Relations team, and be a part of a new medical school during its start-up phase. As Professor Lionel Lee, our Executive Vice-Dean, always says​ during visits: It is not every day that we have the chance to set up a new medical school.

Over the years, the number of requests to visit our School has been growing exponentially, an indication perhaps that LKCMedicine is making its mark in shaping medical education and research.

Having been involved in numerous events, visits and outreach, I have grown and learned many new things. The range of work is wide - from how to edit a video, to making sure that even the tiniest details are set for a visit, from packing mountains of gift bags in the shortest possible time, to knowing exactly which flashing button to click on the AV system to transition smoothly between presenters' slides. Along the way, I have also picked up a few interesting factoids here and there about the practice of medicine!

​It has been an exciting three years with the School. I have enjoyed working with my awesome colleagues; and I look forward to my next challenge as I join the School's Infrastructure team.