December 2013 | ISSUE 9
Introducing LKCMedSoc!




Huang Baoxian
President, LKCMedSoc

Studying to become a doctor you and I would like to have caring for us can be daunting. However, life at LKCMedicine is not only about studying; just as the SA node sends electrical signals to excite the heart, the LKCMedSoc works to electrify the student experience here at LKCMedicine.

Being a society of students for students, the LKCMedSoc’s main goal is to benefit the lives of all 54 students. In the near future, the cohort can look forward to participating in fun activities such as inter-house sports and games. While the houses fight hard to win the game, a friendly spirit of healthy competition is fostered as no one really remembers which house wins, but everyone remembers the exhilaration when a teammate makes a beautiful pass to score a goal.

Being the inaugural cohort meant there were no seniors to plan a student-led orientation for us. To our future juniors, fret not, for next year’s Freshmen Orientation Camp is already in the pipeline! I am not going to reveal the details, but be 100% assured that it will be an unforgettable experience.
Personally, the thought of leading the first LKCMedSoc to set the student culture and traditions overwhelms the adrenaline receptors of my nerves. Like totipotent cells that can differentiate to all cell types, we decide the direction of LKCMedSoc for generations of juniors to come.

I am not alone in this journey, for I have 53 intrepid friends shouldering this responsibility with me. The semester is almost over and we have survived thus far! I look forward to the rest of the year with them to take a step closer to becoming good doctors and at the same time, have the time of our lives together.