April 2013|ISSUE 5
Professor Sara Rankin's Lecture Series

Recently, Professor Sara Rankin, Professor of Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology at Imperial College London’s National Heart and Lung Institute was invited to present two lectures in Singapore.

On 28 February 2013, LKCMedicine jointly hosted a Distinguished Visitor Lecture with the British High Commission and the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) at The Matrix, Biopolis. The engaging lecture “Regenerative Pharmacology – Developing New Therapies to Mobilise Stem Cells from the Bone Marrow” by Professor Rankin was well-attended by scientists from A*Star, NTU and NUS as well as clinician-scientists. The lecture was chaired by GIS’ Deputy Director, Office of Scientific Affairs, Dr Larry Stanton.

In addition, Professor Rankin helmed LKCMedicine's 2nd Inspirational Lecture, “How Scientists are Putting the Tooth Fairy Out of Work” at NTU’s Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre on 2 March 2013. The well-received lecture conducted by Professor Rankin was attended by about 500 prospective students and teachers.

During the lecture, students gained insights about stem cell therapy which is touted to be next revolution in medicine. Also, Professor Rankin got volunteers from the audience to take part in activities on stage where they played with Lego bricks and whisked eggs in order to understand the characteristics and functions of stem cells better.  Her interactive lecture closed with a pop quiz participated by students in groups of eight, played to the tune of Who Wants to be a Millionaire". 

At both lectures, LKCMedicine’s Senior Vice-Dean Professor Martyn Partridge gave an update prior to Professor Rankin’s lecture on the state of readiness of the School, leading up to its opening on 5 August this year.