Issue 95, February 2011
Laughing all the way home
The importance of family ties and the Chinese New Year reunion dinner is delightfully portrayed in "Homecoming", our first movie screening of the year.

Ms Lina Lo Hwee Li (NBS/Class of 2009) who caught "Homecoming" with fellow alumni, found the movie to be funny and familiar at the same time.

“I could relate to the localised context. What was more, the cast portrayed something that is close to our heart – family ties and tradition,” said Ms Lo.

It was her first-time catching the movie screening organised by NTU’s Alumni Affairs Office (AAO). 

The comedy factor in the movie was an all-time high. Audience was kept tickled throughout as they saw parodies of their grandparents, parents and even themselves. Many find the portrayal of the cast rather “accurate”; reel mimicking real life to great effect.

Many were also reminded of the traditional Chinese customs and values they grew up with.

"Homecoming" is about the three stories of three different individuals going home for Chinese New Year. It stars Jack Neo, who reprised his cross-dressing role and played mother to Ah Niu’s character.

Besides the two big local actors in the cast, there were Mark Lee, Jacelyn Tay and Malaysian multi-talented writer-director-comedian Afdlin Shauki. 

The screening of "Homecoming", held on 6 February at GV VivoCity, was attended by 205 participants.

"Homecoming" was the first movie to be screened this year, making way for many more good ones to come. Watch this space!

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