Issue 94, January 2011
Baking’s a piece of cake
Alumni and their family members master the art of making Lunar New Year goodies at the first-ever baking workshop organised by NTU's Alumni Affairs Office.

Baking might not be all that tedious, if you follow the basic steps and pick up a few tricks of the trade. Some of our alumni did just that at our first baking workshop.

Baking it right
Chef Judy of Creative Culinaire The School Pte Ltd demonstrated the steps for baking orange flavoured butter cake and pineapple tarts.

“How the cake or pastry turns out will depend on the mixing and stirring,” said Chef Judy. “Only then will the cake be baked to perfect fluffiness,” she added.

Chef Judy was ever ready to lend a hand to the participants, some among whom were beginners. She showed them the correct method to mix in the flour with the eggs and butter. She also showed them how to stir in one direction as that would allow the cake to rise nicely  when baked in the oven.

After the cake and pastry tarts were placed in the oven, the participants were shown how to make fresh pineapple jam for the tarts.

As they grated the fresh pineapple, they learnt that there should not be too much juice in the jam. All the grated pineapple had to be cooked through to dry up the juice and close attention be paid to the grated pineapple being cooked, as ever so often the pineapple burns, leaving a sour taste in the jam.

Happy bakers in the making
Some of the alumni attended the workshop with their kids. They however had a hard time containing their kids’ enthusiasm, as the young ones rose to the occasion almost immediately.

Several kids seemed to have the makings of happy bakers when they grow up; they giggled happily and threw all their energies into mixing and stirring.

Ms Perly Soh (NBS/Class of 2002) who attended the class with her five-year old son, Jordon, was very pleased. “This was my first time baking with my son, and it was very fun to be able to do this together. We worked hard and enjoyed the fruit of our labour. In fact, we finished up the pineapple tarts on the very day itself!”

Mr Goh Kit Meng (WKWSCI/Class of 2009), on the other hand, has always been interested in honing his culinary skills. “It was my first time attending a baking workshop although I have always wanted to pick up the skill. And I must say that Chef Judy made everything looks so simple and fast. We won a voucher for the Best Adult Team. It was totally unexpected! I’m definitely going to be trying my hands at baking more cakes and cookies at home, and I hope to be able to attend more of such workshops in the future,” he said.

Everyone, especially the kids, were in awe when they saw their finished products – orange flavoured butter cake and pineapple tarts. They wasted no time in tasting their self-made Lunar New Year goodies.

Some kids, as young as five, were even happy to help their parents wash the dishes and utensils after the class.

The workshop, attended by 20 alumni and their family members, was held on 15 January at Creative Culinaire The School.

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