Issue 90, September 2010
Should you invest in Australia?
Participants at a seminar on property investment in Australia get to know the latest trends and hot locations.

“Should I buy property in Australia?” This question was in the minds of many who attended the seminar organised by the Nanyang Business School Alumni Association.

The seminar saw the Australian Property Group presenting the trends and outlook for the Australian residential property market.

Boom Down Under
The seminar was presented by Ms Lim K-Lin, Chief Operating Officer of Australian Property Group. Ms Lim shared her personal investment experiences, which provided valuable inputs to potential investors keen to observe wise decision-making in property investment.

She pointed out that the demand for property Down Under is on the upward trend due to the country’s population growth. Such demand generates more housing developments, which in turn provides more opportunities for investors to purchase Australian properties.

She further explained that the banks in Australia are beginning to relax their rules on loans, allowing more developers access to loans for funding their developments. This is one of the factors that have led to Australia becoming the world’s most transparent property market.

Hot locations
During the seminar, keen alumni were informed of pointers to take note of when they scour Australian property investment advertisements. While some ads may indicate that the properties will yield long guaranteed rates, alumni were cautioned that those might not be residential properties. Rather, they are commercial ones, which may not yield capital growth.

Participants were also advised to take note of the property’s distance to the city; properties located 3km to 5km from the city prove to be more profitable.

In concluding her presentation, Ms Lim let in on a good location to invest. For now, Gold Coast has great appeal, as the properties there are new and could thus generate early rental income.

Thanks to Ms Lim’s concise presentation, alumni had refreshing insights into the Australian property market.

Nanyang Business School alumnus Gao Likuilin (Class of 2010) who attended the seminar was pleased with the useful tips and valuable pointers he picked up. He noted that these could come in handy should he decide to venture into the Australian property market.

The seminar was held on 18 August, at The Wine Company @ Dempsey.

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