April 2017 | Issue 29
What IT takes to make a building

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By Baz Bosman, Assistant Director and Joe Shim, Senior Assistant Manager, ELITe

The design of the Clinical Sciences Building’s (CSB) IT & AV systems and support infrastructure was in our sights from the moment they started pouring the foundations that now support the completed Experimental Medicine Building (EMB) at NTU’s main campus.

During the course of EMB’s construction, we learned many lessons which we subsequently incorporated into the development of CSB. Fine-tuning was achieved through numerous discussions, meetings and revisions with our key partners.

One critical aspect in any IT & AV infrastructure design is redundancy (necessary back-up systems). To that end, we worked diligently to ensure that at CSB, students and staff enjoy maximum uptime with minimum disruption; while ensuring that all redundant measures are transparent to our user base.

CSB contains world-class learning spaces to support our Team-Based Learning pedagogy and more. Here are some key highlights:

  • 250-seat Learning Studio, three 90-seat Seminar Rooms and 500-seat Auditorium all feature high density 5Ghz WIFI capable of supporting all users and their multiple devices.
  • Sophisticated and highly integrated design elements in the Learning Studio and Seminar Rooms incorporate:
    • Technology-Enabled Learning content delivery, which leverages innovative customisations of Wireless Infrastructure to drive wireless Apple TV projection-to-screens and WIFI load aggregation and distribution; and
    • Built-in, extendable table microphones to support a highly-interactive team learning experience.
  • Video recording system, with more than 50 cameras to cover the Centre for Clinical Simulation and provide faculty and students with the capability to record all teaching sessions for subsequent review and discussion.

Here are some fun facts about CSB: There are in excess of 1,500 LAN points and around 145km of LAN wiring - enough to travel across Singapore from East to West and back three times!