Issue 124, July 2013
Durian and shopping galore
It is non-stop fun for NTU alumni and their families, as they indulge in durian munching and bargain hunting during a weekend trip across the causeway

Organised by the NTU Alumni Affairs Office over the weekend of 13 to 14 July, the NTU Alumni 2D/1N Johor Bahru Trip with Durian Feast attracted close to 90 participants. The alumni and their families were thrilled not only by the ‘Eat-all-you–can Durian Feast’, but also by the shopping which yielded many bargains.

On the first day, the participants learnt the secrets of how good quality bird’s nest is processed during their visit to a bird’s nest factory, before making their way to a fruit farm and mini zoo. Through the guided tour at the farm, they saw a variety of fruit trees and learnt about the different ways fruits are grown and harvested. They were then treated to the great feast of mouth-watering durians.

The participants also learnt about the history of chocolate and how it is manufactured whilst visiting a chocolate factory on the second day.

Johor Bahru is also well known for its shopping and the participants did just that at the Jusco Tebrau City and KSL shopping malls, before their return to Singapore.

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