June 2018 | Issue 36


Busy is the new happy

anne 2.jpgBy Anne Loh, Editor, The LKCMedicine​

Talk about being in the thick of the action! I joined the LKCMedicine Communications and External Relations team just when the inaugural cohort was heading out into Singapore's hospitals for their PGY1 and was impressed by their enthusiasm and passion to make a difference – we checked in with a few of them to see how they're doing. We were then caught up in the whirlwind of the High Tea for prospective students, which was really special with our first graduates on hand to give their take on their time with the School. The opening of the Heritage Centre which followed closely was by comparison an intimate affair, but no less meaningful.

Other exciting events took place for the students: the second annual Anatomy Challenge and the inaugural Pek Kio Health Screening – the former paving the way for a lifelong interest in healthcare for the youths who participated, the latter taking care of our elderly citizens' quality of life.

A visitor from the London Office of LKCMedicine dropped in – we find out Dr Emma Keeling's impressions of the School.

Enjoy the June issue of The LKCMedicine!

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