August 2018 | Issue 37
Review of LKCMedicine curriculum kicks off
anshuni byline (Custom).jpgBy Dr Anshuni Kaneria, Clinical Education Fellow, Imperial

​The initial phase of the Curriculum Review and Renewal of the Years 1 and 2 curriculum at LKCMedicine is drawing to a close. The teams in Singapore and London have now reviewed all the learning activities and materials undertaken by our students during these years. Our original cohort of students have completed their studies and are demonstrating their newly acquired skills and acumen on the wards as Postgraduate Year 1 doctors; it’s an ideal opportunity to take stock of what is being delivered to our current students and ensure the curriculum remains robust as the student intake increases.
Once again, we have demonstrated the strength of collaboration by working jointly on the curriculum review process in both London and Singapore. By utilising academic reasoning, drawing upon literature and the experiences of other institutions, including the current curriculum review being undertaken at Imperial’s Medical School, a bespoke method has been created to ensure thorough, uniform and fair assessment of what is undertaken in Years 1 and 2. All the blocks have been subjected to the same rigorous review process. This applied equally to the system blocks which provide the students with a grounding in normal body function, bioscience and key disease pathology, as well as the important vertical themes which span across every field of medicine such as communications, practical skills, professional values, medical ethics and law, humanities, pharmacology, public health and statistics.

As well as looking through all the learning materials, a close inspection has been given to the learning outcomes. These are the foundation stones of the curriculum; not only do they guide the student on what is expected of them by the end of the activity, block, and year but they also form the basis of assessment. Ensuring these are written in an optimum manner in keeping with accepted educational values and align 
with key stakeholders in both Singapore and internationally, we can be assured that our students at LKCMedicine are receiving a transparent, achievable and diverse medical education. The London Office will be demonstrating our methodology on this in more detail at the upcoming Transform MedEd conference (9-10 November, 2018).

As the only people able to fully experience the curriculum, our students’ voice is vital when evaluating Years 1 and 2. Their thoughts and feedback have been gathered as the year transpired and have formed a key part of the review process. The input from students will form part of their legacy, ensuring the ongoing high
quality at LKCMedicine is passed on to future generations.

Thank you to all those involved with the process so far. Their hard work is greatly appreciated. We aim to finish the review phase by early September 2018, following which the renewal phase will begin in earnest.