Issue 115, October 2012
A new chapter in Taiwan
Alumni in Taiwan gathered in the city of Taipei to witness the official launch of the NTU Alumni Association (Taiwan)

Preparations for the formation of the NTU Alumni Association (AA) (Taiwan) started a year ago, with events being organised for alumni based in Taiwan. To mark the official launch of the Association, alumni were invited to a talk followed by a dinner and the launch ceremony. 

Professor Zhang Zhi Bin, Deputy Director (Academic) of the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration, delivered a lecture titled ‘The secret of success in Singapore’. Mr Robert Tsao, the Honorary Chairman of United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), spoke on ‘Taiwan’s current problems and countermeasures’. Alumni asked questions and discussed their views with both speakers.

During the official launch ceremony, Professor Er Meng Hwa, NTU Vice President for International Affairs, gave a speech and presented the NTU flag to Mr Chu Sui Lung, President of NTU AA (Taiwan), signifying the official establishment of NTU’s alumni chapter in Taiwan. Mr Liew Han-Young, President of NTU AA (Hong Kong SAR), Mr Wang Yang, Vice President of NTUAA (Beijing), and alumni representatives from NTU AA (Yunnan) also presented gifts to Mr Chu. 

Throughout the celebratory dinner, alumni enjoyed entertaining performances and chatted amongst themselves, with some of them making plans to return to NTU for next year’s annual alumni homecoming.

A total of 80 alumni and guests attended the launch ceremony held on 20 October. 

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