Issue 83, February 2010
Diverse alumni, one alma mater
Alumni from different parts of China gather to celebrate a commonality – the bond with their alma mater.

Alumni who hailed from China may be as diverse as the country they are from. Yet, at the recent People’s Republic of China (PRC) get-together, they all shared a single objective – to network with fellow PRC alumni who shared the same alma mater.

As many as 630 alumni showed up. Addressing them, special guest, Mr Soon Min Yam, Director of Alumni Affairs, NTU, took the opportunity to introduce the roles and services provided by the office.

Under Mr Soon’s leadership, the alumni networks have expanded far and wide. To-date, there are 21 overseas alumni associations. Of these, 15 are based in China, spanning across different states and provinces.

Further, Mr Soon urged alumni to stay connected with their alma mater and to maintain close ties with fellow classmates and the alumni community.

Juniors from the NTU PRC Students’ Union rallied to put together the event. That they managed to garner strong support from their seniors – the turnout was three-fold that of 2009 – bode well for such future gatherings.

The PRC Alumni Get-together was held on 30 January, at the Peony-Jade Restaurant, Keppel Club.

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