August 2013|ISSUE 7
From Our Student's Perspective

Lavisha Punjabi
My personal experiences at the bench and bedside have shaped my desire to become a clinician who's able to develop synergy between science and medicine and jointly crack scientific and clinical conundrums. On top of my undergraduate degree, I strive to achieve three main objectives while I pursue my medical education at  LKCMedicine.

Having conducted considerable research directed at establishing molecular biomarkers for early intervention of cancers, I desire to diversify my experience and discover my area of firm interest. Similar to how my friends and I initiated a social networking group for the pioneer cohort of medical students in NTU, I hope to bring together like-minded classmates to spearhead an interest group as a platform to share research interests and widen our exposure to scientific journal articles. In addition to this, I am looking forward to actively contributing to science fairs and conferences.

Aspiring to emulate clinicians such as Atul Gawande in ingeniously penning down meaningful experiences, I seek to develop a greater flair for writing to cultivate an avenue for introspection. Currently a contributor to What’s Up, a national current affairs newspaper for teenagers, I am interested to broaden this experience and venture into new areas such as photojournalism.

Lastly, I wish to step out of my comfort zone while in NTU. I am enthusiastic about organising humanitarian trips to neighbouring countries and travelling abroad for my electives in my senior year because I wish to take what I have learnt in the classroom, as a medical student, to a new dimension and discover fresh perspectives along the way.

Eden Tay
I have always been competitive - not only with others, but also to challenge and push myself to greater heights. This is the reason why both medicine and water polo take such important precedence in my life. Both have shaped and moulded me into the person I am. They have and always will continue to test and force me to overcome my limits.

Being part of the national water polo team, I recognise the difficulties of training hard and balancing school at the same time. I acknowledge the fact that it is near impossible to do three hours of rigorous, intensive training every evening after the heavy curriculum that LKCMedicine will provide.

However, while others may shun away, I embrace this challenge. I want to try to do my best in both for I know that whilst the process may be draining and torturous, it will extinguish any pre-set limitations that I have about myself and force me to keep improving.

Ultimately, it is my aspiration to don the national colours one day at the highest level as well as excelling as a medical student during my years in LKCMedicine to become a medical practitioner who cares, delivers and inspires.

Stewart Retnam
I was inspired to study medicine when I found myself on its receiving end some years ago. It was an exceedingly emotionally draining ordeal. What kept me going turned out not to be the medication that my doctors prescribed, but the care and attention they showered me with. Their unfailing emotional support inspired me to be like one of them – to not only be able to deliver excellent medical treatment to the sick, but also offer them genuine compassion and empathy.

I hope that LKCMedicine will nurture me into that kind of doctor, and I’m confident that this hope will be transformed into a reality by the School’s patient-centric approach to teaching medicine. I look forward to taking full advantage of the numerous opportunities the School offers in interacting with patients so as to hone my patient communication skills and ability to manage patients’ expectations.

I also aspire to become a better team player through the highly interactive Team-Based Learning sessions that form an integral part of our curriculum – they enable us to pool our ideas, learn as a group and build teamwork abilities, all at once, while hopefully having fun at the same time!

I’m excited to be part of the inaugural cohort and, together with my coursemates, hope to lay the foundation for LKCMedicine student culture and pave the way for future generations of LKCMedicine students. I’m sure that many years down the road, we’ll all look back upon the legacy we left behind, and be grateful that we had the chance to define history as the pioneer cohort of LKCMedicine.

Ang Jia Wei
I am extremely excited about what lies ahead in the next five years. Hopefully, the innovative and dynamic ways of learning in LKCMedicine will empower me with the competencies and skills needed to contribute effectively in the medical setting. In addition, I hope that through the guidance of experienced medical professionals and scientists, I will be able to develop a greater understanding of what being a good doctor truly means.

Friends will probably form an important part of medical school life; hence, I look forward to forging friendships with my coursemates soon. In the next few years, I believe that we will form a closely-knit community, and support one another through our time in medical school. In addition, as the pioneering batch, I am sure we are all eager to contribute to the development and growth of a medical school we’ll be proud to be a part of.

The learning journey is a lifelong one, and it is my privilege to embark on it with LKCMedicine. I am also immensely grateful to have the support of the Toh Kian Chui Foundation for giving me a scholarship to pursue my dream. These are opportunities which I will treasure with all my heart.