June 2013| ISSUE 6
Seizing a Rare Opportunity

By Ruth Choe

Director, Academic Support

With less than three months before LKCMedicine opens its doors in the new academic year, the Academic Support team – responsible for admissions, curriculum administration, examination, and student life and services – is all geared up and excited about welcoming our inaugural cohort of 54 students. With students as one of our key stakeholders, the team looks forward to bringing our strategies, plans, and policies to fruition.

We have had some practice, interacting with our incoming students at various outreach events. But we are also aware that there will be nothing like having the corridors at Mandalay and NTU's Research Techno Plaza filled with passionate, curious and driven young medical students. It is our hope and aim to provide an enabling environment for our students and to facilitate their learning journey here. I am confident that our students will take up leadership roles and spearhead initiatives that they would like to engage in, primarily through the LKCMedicine Students' Medical Society as well as the House system. We look forward to being here for them, to enable, guide and mentor.

A rare opportunity awaits us. We hope to play a part in adding that little extra to our students’ five years at the School through seamless student services at our one-stop Student Services Hub, community projects and outreach, or joint activities with other medical schools, amongst others. It is our privilege to share in their journey, and to make it a memorable one for them.