Issue 95, February 2011
Giving made easy
The new Welfare Services Club Alumni Association provides its former student members with an avenue to continue giving back to society after they graduate.

"The setting up of the Welfare Services Club Alumni Association (WSCAA) is timely, for it offers student members of the NTU Welfare Services Club (WSC) a platform to continue serving the needy once they graduate and become alumni of the University,” said Prof Er Meng Hwa, Senior Associate Provost, NTU.

Prof Er was Guest-of-Honour at the launch held on Friday 28 January, at Verve Pizzeria at NTU’s one-north campus.

Creating opportunities
The newly set up WSCAA will promote opportunities for individuals that share a common passion and interest to contribute to society, to come together.

Prof Er stressed that “…the seniors will also have more opportunities to work with student members of the WSC, and the students will in turn be able to benefit from the experience of the seniors.”

Today, the WSC has a membership base of 800 volunteers. Being one of the biggest student organisations in Singapore, the WSC is the largest of the three non-academic constituent clubs in NTU.

Championing volunteerism
The WSCAA will be headed by Mr Chia Min How (MSE/Class of 2005), who was an active student member of the WSC during his varsity days.

Mr Chia stressed that the alumni association aims to champion the cause of volunteerism among graduates and promote corporate social responsibility through various awareness programmes.

He said: “The WSCAA is an extended platform for promoting volunteerism among our graduates. It is a place for surfacing new ideas, creating opportunities and maintaining strong bonds with our friends.”

Adding, he noted: “We want to be an integral part of the WSC through active participation, so that we can share our experiences with our undergraduates and provide them with the right resources to grow. We hope to become the preferred networking platform for both students and alumni.”

During the launch, alumni were updated on the progress of WSC in NTU, while some of the students who attended, learnt about the various public community service programmes available to them when they graduate.

Continuing the tradition
Indeed, the WSC has come a long way since it was established in 1985.

Its beginnings can be traced back to five friends who had a vision to set up a club that provided community service to the underprivileged of NTU, as well as to the other tertiary institutions and community centres.

Three among the five were present at the launch. They were Mr Tay Tiong Beng, Dr Tan Ah Kat and Mr Gary Chan, all of whom are from the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering’s Class of 1985.

Proud to witness what they saw as a milestone, they look forward to the alumni association serving alumni who wish to continue being active in community service upon graduation.

The launch was attended by close to 120 alumni, students and staff.

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