October 2016 | Issue 26
Gaming is not just for fun

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By Nicole Lim, The LKCMedicine Editor

Learning through play has long become an established teaching method for toddlers and young children. So it is little surprise that even adult learning can benefit from gaming technologies. Exploring the uses of serious gaming in education and healthcare, this issue of The LKCMedicine takes a closer look at this nascent field. We also explore the very different uses gaming technology is put to in healthcare – from training surgeons to supporting patients’ rehabilitation.

In this issue, we also hear more from two of our clinician-scientists who’ve been awarded national talent development grants about their research journey; get to know our Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs Associate Professor Pang Weng Sun, who was recently awarded the National Outstanding Clinician Educator and find out from the newly elected NTU Senate Chair and Assistant Dean for Years 1 & 2 Professor Michael Ferenczi what he has planned for his term as the representative of NTU faculty. We also welcome on board Gerry Greyling, who’s taken over from Paul Ratcliffe at our London Office.

As always, we have a round-up of the latest news and happenings at the School.
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