Issue 97, April 2011
Walking along a memorable journey
NTU’s Malaysian alumni remember their days on campus at an alumni dinner.

Some 340 NTU Malaysian alumni working or living in Singapore, together with guests, enjoyed an evening together at the Malaysian Alumni Dinner.

An annual tradition, the alumni dinner was jointly organised by the NTU Malaysian Students’ Association, NTU Association of Malaysian Chinese Independent School Alumni and NTU Alumni Affairs Office (AAO).

Today, the University is proud to call 11,600 Malaysians its alumni, which is 8% of NTU’s more than 145,000 alumni worldwide.

Journey of Malaysian
The event had a very appropriate theme, ‘Jom Jom’, meaning ‘Let’s go’ in a fun way, as well as an abbreviation for ‘Journey of Malaysian’. Throughout the dinner, the alumni and guests were treated to a full repertoire of programmes and among the highlights were performances such as the diabolo as well as a song item with music accompaniment. All the performances were put up by several NTU undergraduates who volunteered.

A video montage showcasing the students’ journey in NTU was also shown, which had the alumni laughing and shedding tears at the same time. Alumni were seen exchanging anecdotes of the good times they once shared.

Professor Freddy Boey, NTU’s Provost-Designate, who was Guest-of-Honour at the Malaysian Alumni Dinner get-together, said in his speech: “We wish to constantly stay in touch with our alumni, and I hope that you will be able to play a part in assisting the Alumni Affairs Office to reconnect with Malaysian alumni whom we might not have been able to contact. For our successful alumni working in Singapore, I do hope that you will come forward to support the Malaysian students in NTU and their activities. Our students would be grateful to receive encouragement and support from their seniors such as your good selves.”

Prof Boey also updated the alumni on the university’s recent developments and progress in his speech.

With prizes sponsored by AAO, a lucky draw was held to round up the evening. The NTU Malaysian Alumni Dinner was held on 9 April 2011 at Joy Garden Restaurant, SAFRA Jurong.

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