Issue 160, July 2016
Keen to lend a helping hand?
So you want to do your bit for your alma mater, but don’t know how? Check out two of NTU's volunteer programmes

Class Agent
Volunteer to be a Class Agent and you will be among NTU’s more than the 1,900 who have helped the university keep in regular contact with its alumni.

Alumni who volunteer themselves for appointment as the Class Agents of NTU undertake a meaningful task. You will reconnect with your former classmates so as to establish their latest contact details. These particulars, channelled to NTU’s Alumni Affairs Office (AAO), will help the university to enhance its engagement with its alumni.

And, by ensuring that AAO has the latest contact details, you will see to it that your fellow alumni are receiving first-hand news about NTU's developments. Such news is available in the correspondence sent by NTU to alumni’s mailing and email addresses.

To volunteer, please fill up the form here. To find out more, please email us. You can even recommend us someone from your class year, who is actively in touch with his or her former classmates.

The Class Agent volunteering programme was initiated in 2006.

Career Mentor
Been through the challenges of choosing a career and of transitioning from university to working life? Be a Career Mentor today and play a part in advising your juniors who will soon have to make career choices and step into the workforce.

Designed to better prepare students for the working world, the Mentor-Link programme by Career & Attachment Office (CAO) is also a platform for NTU alumni to share their career and life experiences with NTU students. Your experiences can be of inspiring guidance to our students, when critical career decisions have to be made.

The programme is flexible and participation is voluntary. You may specify in what manner you would like to be contacted and dictate the number of hours you would like to speak with the students.

To be a mentor or for more information, please visit CAO's website or contact them via email or call them at 6790 6575.

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