June 2014 | ISSUE 12
What a difference a year makes

By Nicole Lim
Editor, The LKCMedicine

It’s June 2014 and LKCMedicine students’ stress levels are running high with final-year exams looming large on the horizon.

Turn the clock back a year, and most of the staff and faculty probably felt the same, with only months to go before the very first LKCMedicine students were to walk through the doors.

In this issue, The LKCMedicine asks students, staff and faculty to reflect on the first year. A Long-Term Patient Project student pair also shares their observations from this project and we have a very special message from Vice-Dean for Education Associate Professor Naomi Low-Beer, reflecting on the last year.

Also in this issue, we celebrate key research milestones with the first nation-wide Neuroscience Workshop; the election to the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) of another LKCMedicine scientist; and an exciting new international collaboration in metabolic diseases.

You also get sneak glimpses behind the hoardings at Novena; find out which student is the LKCMedicine Idol; as well as a roundup of the latest curriculum news, all right here.


Editorial Team

Professor Lionel Lee, Executive Vice-Dean, Administration

Siti Rohanah Koid

Nicole Lim

Ang Jia Wei
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Associate Professor Naomi Low-Beer
Dr Georgina Morris
Julia Ng
Juliana Phang
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Professor Walter Wahli

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