August 2014 | ISSUE 13
News roundup

Nanomedicine for glaucoma patients

Scientists from NTU and the Singapore Eye Research Institute have developed a new nanomedicine that will allow glaucoma patients to do away with daily eye drops. The treatment is delivered to the front of the eye via a painless injection and will release anti-glaucoma drugs slowly over six months. The new therapy was shown to be safe and effective in a pilot study. Further studies are required before the treatment is made available to patients.

LKCMedicine staff elected to NTU 4th Senate
Assistant Dean for Phase One Professor Michael Ferenczi and Infectious Diseases Professor Annelies Wilder- Smith began their term as Senators of NTU’s 4th Senate at the start of the academic year. As the core representative body of the Academic Council, the Senate’s responsibilities include receiving and endorsing or approving recommendations from Academic Council committees, and recommending changes to rules governing academic matters.

LKCMedicine guest lecture on Kv1.3 potassium channels
On 12 June, Professor George Chandy from the University of California, Irvine, delivered a guest lecture on the voltagegated Kv1.3 potassium channel. He talked about its role in the regulation of membrane potential and calcium signalling in T-lymphocytes, which are key regulators in the development of diseases such as Type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. He also shared the results of phase I human safety trials on ShK-186, a highly selective peptide toxin against the Kv1.3 potassium channel.

LKCMedicine faculty elected faculty-in-residence for new student halls
On 1 July, Assistant Dean for Exams & Assessments (Phase One) Assistant Professor Dinesh Srinivasan and
Assistant Professor Wang Xiaomeng took on their new roles as faculty-in-residence for Pioneer and Crescent Halls respectively. During their three-year term, they will act as mentors, resource people and crisis managers; and play a key role in the personal and intellectual development of residents, including LKCMedicine students who have moved into Crescent Hall.

Singapore Imperial College London alumni gather at Eden Hall
On the evening of 14 July, some 150 Imperial College London alumni based in Singapore gathered at the British High Commissioner’s residence, Eden Hall, for a get-together with Imperial President & Rector Sir Keith O’Nions. It was a chance for alumni to hear from the Imperial leadership about the latest developments at the College while meeting old friends. The formalities for the evening ended with a tribute to Sir Keith who is retiring in September. He will be succeeded by Professor Alice Gast as President of Imperial. A renowned chemical engineering scholar and a leader in higher education, Prof Gast has served as President of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania since 2006.

Construction update
Work is well underway at both LKCMedicine’s Novena Campus and at Yunnan Garden Campus. Here’s a peek behind the hoardings.

4CSB overview from M21 condo- (Custom).JPG2Overview of EMB from RTP (Custom).JPG
View of ongoing work at Novena of the 20-storey Clinical Sciences Building (left) and at Yunnan Garden Campus for the Experimental Medicine Building (right)