August 2019 | Issue 43
Learning the art and poetry of the human body through inaugural Anatomy & Physiology Workshop for Pre-U students

​The first-ever Anatomy & Physiology workshop at LKCMedicine saw full attendance

It may be the June school holidays but the 90 pre-university students from 20 institutions who signed
up for LKCMedicine’s first Anatomy & Physiology Workshop on 17-18 June turned up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Day 1, raring to soak up the experience.IMG_0408.JPG
Tapping on the innovative tools in LKCMedicine's award-winning facilities, 90 pre-university students were given a peek into the exciting world of human anatomy and physiology 

Tapping on LKCMedicine’s innovative teaching tools and cutting-edge learning facilities, the students were treated to hands-on interactive sessions and practical demonstrations, in particular the cardiorespiratory system on the first day, and gastrointestinal system on the second day.

In his opening remarks, LKCMedicine Dean Professor James Best noted that although anatomy and physiology — the themes of the workshop — are taught as separate disciplines, they are important in the fields of science and medicine. 

“Anatomy and physiology are absolutely critical if you want to enter medicine or any other branch of the
health profession,” he added.

The hands-on practical sessions on both the cardiorespiratory and gastrointestinal systems took place
in the Anatomy Learning Centre. The cardiorespiratory session on Day 1 was conducted by Head of Anatomy Assistant Professor Sreenivasulu Reddy Mogali, Senior Lecturer for Anatomy Dr Ranganath Vallabhajosyula, and Senior Lecturer for Medical Education Dr Lucy Rosby. 

IMG_0432 (Custom).JPG
Pre-university students had a chance to participate in hands-on practical sessions

The gastrointestinal session on Day 2 was conducted by Lead for Radiology Associate Professor Gerald Tan and Content Expert Assistant Professor Prakash Ashutosh. The two-day workshop concluded with a closing address by Vice-Dean (Education) Professor Naomi Low-Beer who said she was impressed by the
engagement of students during the workshop. 

“Despite being an intense two days, you are still coming out with very interesting and insightful questions. We hope that you have learnt about the art and poetry of the human body through anatomy and physiology,” she added.