December 2013 | ISSUE 9
Eye on Research




Suzanne Lim
Editor, The LKCMedicine

From the outset, LKCMedicine has sought to distinguish itself on the medical education and research fronts, for it is virtually impossible to be regarded as world class without possessing achievements in both. Earlier issues of The LKCMedicine have focused on the unique aspects of our curriculum and innovations in medical education; now it is research’s turn to be in the spotlight.

Drawing from Imperial College London’s and Nanyang Technological University’s track records of reaping synergies between medicine, science and technology, LKCMedicine’s integrated research strategy has been carefully crafted to put the School in the position to achieve its vision of redefining medicine and transforming healthcare. 

For a medical school still in its infancy, LKCMedicine has done well in attracting local and international research talent into our fold, testimony of their confidence in our research strategy and more importantly, our implementation plan for the strategy to become reality. Beyond providing facilities that will encourage cutting-edge research and innovation, LKCMedicine is determined to ensure systems, processes and environments are conducive for our researchers to excel.

There is no denying the important role research plays in medicine. The doctors of tomorrow we are educating need to develop an appreciation of research early in their medical careers as the best clinicians are those who are able to harness the latest research developments to better treat their patients, becoming in time the doctors you and I would like to have caring for us.

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