August 2014 | ISSUE 13
Meet the scholars

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By Andrea Loh,
Higher Executive, Communications & External Relations

The small class size, Team-Based Learning and a strong emphasis on good communication are just some of the stand out factors that attracted some of LKCMedicine’s newest scholars.

The LKCMedicine caught up with Ishwarpal Singh Grewal, Sophia Wong, Wee Lin and Ong Jian Chong before they started to find out a little more about what they are looking forward to.


Ishwarpal (Cropped) (Custom).jpegIshwarpal Singh Grewal, Nanyang scholar
Besides being a scholarship recipient, Ishwarpal is also a national hockey player. During most of his secondary school years, he took hockey for granted without trying too hard. Then he got kicked off the team. “I wasn’t very disciplined and quite relaxed. I was always there as the one who just slipped in. But after getting kicked off the team, I realised that if I’m not going to be the best, then I’m wasting my time.” An attitude he now brings to medical school. “Every lesson, every day counts.”


Sophia (Cropped) (Custom).jpgSophia Wong, LKCMedicine scholar
Sophia, who has Graves’ disease, wants to give other patients the same comfort she got when she was first diagnosed. She hopes that the early patient contact will nurture her empathy. “I don’t have to wait until I enter the healthcare system, I can start learning straight at school.” She is also looking forward to spread the word about LKCMedicine to her juniors. “As a scholar, I would like to speak with people from different backgrounds to promote the School and tell them what’s good about it.”


Fiona (Cropped) (Custom).jpgWee Lin, Toh Kian Chui scholar
A firm believer that health is wealth, Wee Lin decided to join LKCMedicine to become a skilled doctor with a human touch. She is particularly excited about the Long-Term Patient Project which will provide one of the first opportunities for patient contact. “It also allows me to develop interpersonal skills and learn how to form close connections with my future patients – something that I think is extremely important as a doctor.” Having witnessed a doctor’s caring before her grandmother passed away, Wee Lin accepts that you can’t save every life. The important thing is to “make a difference to someone else’s life and put their cares and concerns above your own”.

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Ong Jian Chong, SAF scholar
As a member of the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade in school, Jian Chong looks forward to expanding his medical knowledge. But most of all, he looks forward to student life. “In a smaller class, you get to know people better. I’m excited to get to know my course mates, to live and study with them in the halls and have steamboat dinners together! We’re going to be spending the next five years together, so I hope we’ll be able to form strong bonds.”