February 2017 | Issue 28
New year, new home

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By Nicole Lim, Editor, The LKCMedicine


Welcome to the first issue of 2017! In this issue, we explore the age-old debate around nature vs nurture with our clinicians and scientists, discussing the topic through the lens of the predictive power of our genes. One of our staff, Vanessa Heng, imagines what life – and the world – would be like with a total health blueprint in one’s hand.

Also in this issue, we get to know our very first Professor of Family Medicine & Primary Care Helen Smith and talk to the team behind the latest Cochrane Review on the role of automated telephone communication systems.

It’s a brand new calendar and lunar new year, and for LKCMedicine this means a brand new home to fill with life as the Clinical Sciences Building is fully operational. Despite the flurry of activity – from how to decorate their new House Rooms to starting classes in the new building – students still found time to volunteer, travelling to many countries around the region including Sri Lanka, to learn more about the healthcare challenges faced by communities there.

As always, we have a roundup of the latest news and happenings here. Find out also how the London Office is preparing for the second LKCMedicine student exchange visit to Imperial.


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