The NANYANG MBA Times Issue 03, June 2011

Hello from The NANYANG MBA Times!


It's been a while since our last issue, but now we're back!


In this issue, we share some of the recent experiences of our current students.  We have also put one of our more popular professors in "In the Spotlight", Nanyang's foray into corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, and  Nanyang's move into social media space.


2011 promises to be an exciting year for Nanyang as we mark the 20th year of The NANYANG MBA with a series of activities throughout the year, with the Alumni Homecoming in October as the highlight of the celebration. Celebrate 20 years of this remarkable journey of The NANYANG MBA, recognized among leading MBA programs in the world. We will be playing host to a number of events commemorating this journey as seen in our "Upcoming Events" section. To all of our alumni and partners, we look forward to seeing you soon!