June 2017 | Issue 30


Is work getting too easy?




By Nicole Lim, Editor, The LKCMedicine

In this issue of The LKCMedicine, we’re taking an in-depth look at the role of exercise in health. A recent study from the UK found that despite people eating 20 per cent fewer calories (that is 600 calories) now than 30 years ago, waistlines are still getting bigger. The likely culprit for this continued imbalance between calories in and out? The increasing convenience in our lives coupled with more and more sedentary careers. So what can we do?
We talk to a range of experts – from scientist​s to clinicians – to find out exactly what goes on in our bodies when we exercise and why, regardless of weight, exercise – even just a few short brisk walks – can make a significant difference to our future health.
The future of healthcare systems and its workforce also takes centre stage in November, when LKCMedicine together with the Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) and HealthTech NTU launches a new signature conference, FutureHealth 2017. We look ahead to what you can expect from the exciting three-day conference.
In addition, we find out:
  • what keeps our recent Nanyang Education Award winners’ passion to teach going;
  • what our students have been up to outside of the classroom; and
  • in our OneLKC column, which celebrates the OneLKCMedicine spirit with contributions from faculty, staff and students, we embark on a new mini-series called What Are We Reading. In its first instalment, our Editorial Board member Professor Michael Ferenczi reviews Memoirs of Hadrian, a fictional letter by the Roman Emperor to his cousin and eventual successor, Marcus Aurelius.
So in the spirit of this issue, happy reading and happy walking!

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