February 2017 | Issue 28
Junior College principal meeting hosted by LKCMedicine as part of School’s outreach efforts

NEWS - JCPC 4.jpgLKCMedicine Senior Management and JC principals mark the visit with a group photo

LKCMedicine hosted 18 Junior College (JC) principals from across Singapore on 26 January for their monthly JC Principal’s Committee (JCPC) meeting, with principals representing a spectrum of old and new JCs from Raffles Institution to Eunoia JC.

Compared with their previous visits to LKCMedicine, this was the first time the JCPC meeting was held at the Clinical Sciences Building (CSB). As the last agenda item of the meeting, LKCMedicine Executive Vice-Dean for Administration Professor Lionel Lee and Vice-Dean for Education Associate Professor Naomi Low-Beer were invited to update the principals on the latest developments at the medical school, and how the School plans to continue reaching out to the JCs.

NEWS - JCPC 1 (Custom).jpg
LKCMedicine Year 2 and Year 1 students Brian Ho and Samuel Fong give a presentation on the Anatomy Challenge 2017

Following their update, LKCMedicine Year 2 and Year 1 students Brian Ho and Samuel Fong presented on the inaugural Anatomy Challenge 2017, giving the principals a glimpse of the anatomy-themed competition that is being put on to engage their students. The competition aims to test students on anatomy and its applications in a friendly competition between schools on 15 April.

Being in the brand new CSB, the principals were keen to get an inside look at the many state-of-the-art learning spaces. The first stop of the tour, which was led by Director of Operations & Resources Mr Tan Hee Kiang, was the Anatomy Learning Centre, where the principals got to try out the various anatomy learning tools such as the Anatomage table and plastinated specimens.

At the next stop, Assistant Dean for Clinical Communication Training & Student Welfare Dr Tanya Tierney introduced the Communication Suite, one of three components of the Centre for Clinical Simulation. Dr Tierney talked about how the 10-paired consultation rooms that make up the Suite allow students to participate in scenario-based assessments and practise their communication skills with simulated patients in a life-like setting.

NEWS - JCPC 2 (Custom).jpgNEWS - JCPC 3 (Custom).jpg 
JC principals tour the key learning facilities of CSB

Up next was the Learning Studio. The principals were shown the technology-driven facilities of the classroom, which aids Team-Based Learning and lively discussions among students. Very much interested in the design and technology used in the Learning Studio, many principals hope to adopt some of these aspects in their own classrooms in the near future.

The tour ended on CSB’s top floor, where the Medical Library sits, giving the group a scenic view of the city. Over lunch, which was held in the library’s café space, the principals were joined by the assistant deans, who helped answer queries about the School.

NEWS - JCPC 5 (Custom).jpg
The visitors enjoy the view from the 20th floor of the CSB

LKCMedicine has engaged principals since its early operational days to ensure that they were fully aware of Singapore’s youngest medical school and its vision and admission policy.