June 2013| ISSUE 6
LKCMedicine Curriculum Delivery Preparation

LKCMedicine has been undergoing intensive curriculum delivery preparation so that students can get the most from LKCMedicine’s innovative curriculum. The eLearning and IT team together with the teaching laboratory team have been working hard to ensure that all the relevant materials and processes are running smoothly.

Lab Practicals Preparation

Contributions By: Teaching Laboratory Team

Since the start of May 2013, LKCMedicine’ s teaching laboratory team led by Assistant Dean and Head of Phase 1, Professor Michael Ferenczi has been conducting stress test on practical sessions adapted from Imperial College London. Together with clinical leads and staff from National Healthcare Group (NHG) and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), the stress tests were conducted with volunteer university students. 

Each student group consisted of six participants who were supervised by a lead faculty member, two assistants, and two observers. At the end of each session, the teams regrouped and reviewed the day’s events. This enabled staff to polish the written and verbal material, the structure as well as content and time allocation, with particular attention to safety issues and space planning.

The mock practicals were timed and observed to the smallest detail. The volunteers provided immediate feedback and their observations were noted by the teaching laboratory team.

Existing practical guidelines are well established while technological and scientific advances allow the expansion and scope of the practicals. This results in new and exciting practical sessions that have been created to aid learning of basic scientific principles underpinning medicine, and to provide hands-on experience and the acquisition of laboratory skills. 

The team has thus far completed six of these stress tests and is committed to cover all areas pertaining to Introduction to Medical Sciences, Cardiorespiratory, and Renal and Endocrine systems in the coming weeks. By the time these are done, the LKCMedicine’s teaching laboratory team will be well prepared, and ready to receive its first batch of students.

 eLearning Preparation

Contributions By: Alan Loe and Julian Yeo

The eLearning and IT team led by Director, eLearning & IT Services Paul Gagnon, has been busy testing the software and hardware that will be supporting the LKCMedicine learning experience for the past year. LKCMedicine staff have been helping out to assist in conducting some of the load testing of LKCMedicine software applications and hardware infrastructure.


The LKCMedicine Online Learning Ecosystem consists of a number of integrated applications which are supported by a state-of-the-art hardware infrastructure. The applications which make up the LKCMedicine Online Learning Ecosystem are iLKC, iLams, iLecture and iFolio.

The load testing carried out has allowed the eLearning and IT team to not only test the hardware but to also finetune the software so as to ensure that students can get a world-class online learning experience.