February 2017 | Issue 28
LKCMedicine draws strong interest from young scientists and aspiring clinicians

Over two days in January, LKCMedicine hosted around 60 young and aspiring researchers and clinicians as part of the Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) and International Science Youth Forum (ISYF).

This year saw 40 ISYF participants visiting LKCMedicine to get a taste of life as a medical student at the School on 17 January. Now in its 9th iteration, the week-long ISYF is jointly organised by the NTU’s Institute of Advanced Studies and Hwa Chong Institution, and sponsored by A*STAR and the Ministry of Education. The students were from Junior Colleges in Singapore and high school students from overseas, including the US, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan.

NEWS - ISYF (Custom).jpg
Students from ISYF have a go at a typical Team-Based Learning lesson

The group was welcomed to the Clinical Sciences Building, the latest addition to the School’s dual campus. After an introduction to the School, they had the opportunity to try their hand at a Team-Based Learning (TBL) activity, facilitated by the Educational Development & TBL Facilitation team. The simulation allowed the participants to experience first-hand LKCMedicine’s innovative pedagogy.

Following the TBL simulation, the ISYF participants moved on to the Clinical Skills Lab where a range of practical skills hands-on activities awaited them. Assistant Director and Lead for Practical Skills Ms Ramani Saravanan and her team led the participants through a couple of games, in which the participants learnt the importance of a medical ritual that is so often overlooked – thorough washing of hands. They also learnt to don clinical personal protective equipment (PPE) and were shown a basic demonstration of a suture done on a task trainer.

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Students learn to don the clinical personal protective equipment (PPE)

They then visited the Anatomy Learning Centre, where they viewed plastinated specimens and learnt about the use of the Anatomage table (a 3D anatomy visualiser), both of which are key tools used in anatomy teaching at LKCMedicine. The activities ignited a lively discussion amongst the participants. The day ended with a tour of some of the other facilities and the medical library on the top floor.

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L - R: Students learn more about anatomy through plastinated specimens and the Anatomage Table

The GYSS delegation of 18 bright young researchers from seven countries visited LKCMedicine’s Experimental Medicine Building on 18 January. The summit, organised by National Research Foundation Singapore, is part of Singapore’s efforts to strengthen links among scientists across borders, disciplines and generations.

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Assistant Professor of Metabolic Disease Yusuf Ali gives a brief overview of LKCMedicine to the GYSS participants

The group was welcomed by LKCMedicine Assistant Professor of Metabolic Disease Yusuf Ali who gave them a brief introduction to the School, its research strategy as well as his own research interests. The young researchers then had time to explore the laboratories, where they had the opportunity to see some of the cutting-edge tools available to researchers at LKCMedicine.

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GYSS participants tour the research labs at EMB