February 2015 | ISSUE 16
On site: what goes into the making of LKCMedicine's new buildings

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In this issue, we peer inside the two upcoming buildings – the seven-storey Experimental Medicine Building (EMB) at NTU’s main campus and the 20-storey Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) at Novena – that will make up LKCMedicine’s dual campus. Here, we take a look at what goes into the making of these two new landmarks, of which EMB will start to welcome students from August.


1. 147,450 tonnes of concrete, the weight of almost 1,000 blue whales, is needed to build EMB and
CSB. Untitled-1-01 (Custom).png


2. 27,395m2 of glass facade, enough to cover more than five football fields, will be used to clad the two buildings.Untitled-1-02 (Custom).png


3. 2,440km of steel reinforcement bars, equivalent to the distance of 100 end-to-end trips from the School’s Novena campus to NTU's main campus, will hold up the two buildings.


4. The busiest days of the project will see 800 people and 60 machines at the CSB site working on structural, architectural, interior and landscape design as well as mechanical and electronic works.Untitled-1-03 (Custom).png

5. The deepest point of the foundation is about 52m below ground at CSB, that’s almost half the height of the building.


6. The heaviest piece of equipment will be EMB’s and CSB’s 20-tonne backup generators with all their equipment and accessories, which equate to about 300 adults squeezed together together on one floor each.Untitled-1-05 (Custom).png


7. An estimated 5.8 million man hours are needed to build the buildings. Untitled-1-06 (Custom).png


8. It takes between 12 to 15 days to build each floor above ground level.


9. The two buildings will have a combined total of 1,170 doors.Untitled-1-07 (Custom).png


10. 71 new trees will be planted at the two sites; wood from old trees will be recycled and restyled into new furniture for the School.Untitled-1-08 (Custom).png