Issue 90, September 2010
Honouring our best
The School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering celebrates student and faculty excellence at a dinner for its new graduates.

It was a night to remember. The School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering celebrated the graduation of their latest batch of students – Class of 2010 – with a “Spectrum” spectacular event.

The Graduates’ Evening 2010 was put together, with the theme “Spectrum” being adopted, to depict the range of experience and emotion students had gone through during their studies. It was also a theme, befitting the graduates’ entry into the working world, what with its myriad possibilities and ups and downs. 

Attended by 370 from EEE’s latest cohort, the event saw a display of camaraderie between the graduating students and their faculty members.

The evening was graced by Prof Er Meng Hwa, NTU Senior Associate Provost, as Guest-of Honour, Prof Kam Chan Hin, Chair of EEE, and several distinguished guests, including Mr Soon Min Yam, Director, Alumni Affairs.

Celebrating excellence
One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the EEE Excellence Award and Teaching Excellence Awards.

Six outstanding EEE graduates from the Class of 2010 were presented the EEE Excellence Award, for being exemplary in their academic and extra-curricular performances. Anindya Dutta, Budi Raharjo Santoso, Chia Woan Lan, Emil Sanusi, Gan Hoe Yee, and Suryani Simon Turtan were presented with the EEE Excellence Award.

The Teaching Excellence Awards went to three members of the EEE faculty. They were: Prof Lalit Goel, Prof Chan Chee Keong and Prof Peter Chong Han Joo; all of whom were recognised for their dedication and excellence in teaching.

Rejoicing along memory lane
Guests were led down memory lane by way of a video presentation, comprising candid moments of students captured during their campus days, as they shared joy, tears and comradeship.

As the audience watched, laughter reverberated through the ballroom, where the event was held. Names were being hollered, for some of the subjects in the video were instantaneously recognisable. Guests exchanged stories when certain events were recalled from the images on the video.

Cheers for the road ahead
Emcee Daniel Ong set the tone for the evening with his wit and brand of humour.

Pop quizzes and games were facilitated. The EEE newly minted alumni were tested with famous quotes of their professors and the questions surfaced during lessons. It was a tongue-in-cheek exercise to see if the words of their professors were retained in their knowledge bank.

Did they pass the test? You win some, you lose some.

There was also a treasure hunt for “couples” – seven were voted onstage, with each assigned a colour of the spectrum, namely, red, blue, brown, yellow, green, pink and purple. They were then tasked to hunt among hte audience items that appeared in the colours assigned. As expected, many dashed to collect as many "treasures" as they could.

The "couples" realised only too late that it didn't pay to be "greedy". For, they were tasked to return them and the one with the least "treasures" won. Indeed, the road that the graduates will embark on is full of unexpected twists and turns; therein lies the lesson of the game.

All in all, the evening was a success. Some lucky guests walked away with prizes like a Samsung N150 Notebook, Fujitsu Laptop and complimentary stay at Fullerton Hotel.

Ms Tan Lay Hoon, the Chairperson of the Graduates’ Evening Committee, was congratulated, along with her team, for a well organised event. It was held on Friday 6 August, at Fullerton Hotel.

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