August 2014 | ISSUE 13
IntroDOCtion: did you catch the bug?

By Marcel Scully, Class of 2018

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Freshies and seniors bonding during IntroDOCtion

The inaugural LKCMedicine freshmen orientation camp, IntroDOCtion, was five days of fast-paced, laughter-filled adventures that spread across Singapore like wildfire – from NTU to Changi. Almost 60 juniors joined 44 seniors in the contagion-themed camp, which ran from 8 to 12 July.

The camp kicked off with a round of field and pool games at NTU Campus. Energy levels were high as each orientation group (OG), named after an infectious agent, competed fiercely to be crowned best group, to much cheering from the sidelines.

At night, participants were blindfolded and paired up for Secret Buddy Talks. This icebreaker enabled everyone to get to know one another in a meaningful and personal way.

The next morning, the freshies were greeted by an Amazing Race-style challenge. This activity required them to navigate from station to station, a route which took them across the whole island. At each station, the OGs had to complete a task before receiving a clue to the next station.

But IntroDOCtion was not just about fun and games. A community involvement project brought the freshmen to All Saints Home on the third day of camp. They befriended elderly residents, played games with them, sang songs and helped to clean the home. It was a day full of good deeds that the freshmen found meaningful.

The fourth day saw the OGs assemble on Sentosa beach, where they had a blast of a time playing beach games and bonding in their groups. They had so much fun that some had to be dragged back onto the bus back to Mandalay!

On the final day, the Secret Buddy pairs were sent tandem-biking in the East Coast Park, this time without blindfolds.

After a day in the park, everyone reconvened at the Mandalay lecture theatre for the finale night. The evening was spent reliving highlights from the camp with plenty of good food and music. The best OG trophy and other awards were also dished out.

When camp broke for the last time, smiles and hugs were seen throughout the Novena Campus. All was well for the start of med school!

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Orientation groups (OGs) competing fiercely for the title of best OG