October 2015 | Issue 20
London calling

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By Paul Ratcliffe

Deputy Director of Education Management, Imperial Faculty of Medicine​ 

While we often talk about the collaborative activities between Imperial, LKCMedicine and NTU, it is only right to pay testament to the enormous amount of collaboration that occurs within our respective organisations to make LKCMedicine happen.

For the last five years, LKCMedicine has been a flagship project for Imperial. The Faculty of Medicine is a l
arge organisation, which in itself is bigger than some universities. We are split across a number of campuses and have more than 10 associated NHS Trusts delivering our teaching across northwest London. As a result, we can tap into an amazing pool of talented clinicians and scientists who are not only working on cutting-edge biomedical and clinical research, but are also very experienced and heavily involved in delivering high quality teaching. Working with colleagues in Singapore, these academics have helped to shape, design and deliver the LKCMedicine curriculum. Literally hundreds of colleagues have been involved in one way or another in the collaboration; it is very much a team effort!

The collaboration is of great interest to colleagues in the wider College and beyond too. Imperial's collaboration with LKCMedicine is a partnership model, which is not often the case with transnational education as many higher education institutions simply export their existing provision.

The partnership and the fact LKCMedicine has been started on a blank canvas that the partners can contribute to, allowing us to work together to create something truly unique and truly collaborative, tailored to Singapore, is what provokes such strong interest and a keenness to get involved and become part of it. The innovative Team-Based Learning (TBL) pedagogy, intensive use of new tablet technology and a huge emphasis on student support are aspects of LKCMedicine that I regularly get asked about.

One of the things I like talking about the most are the fantastic educational facilities that LKCMedicine boasts. During our most recent visit to Singapore, my colleagues and I were taken on a tour of the new Experimental Medicine Building and shown the breath-taking new Learning Studio. It is fantastic to see the concept drawings come to life as the School continues to grow!

(L-R) Mr Sunny Ang (Senior Assistant Director, Infrastructure, LKCMedicine), Mr Paul Ratcliffe (Deputy Director of Education Management, Imperial), Ms Catherine Robinson (Collaboration Officer, Curriculum, Imperial) and Dr Jaita Mukherjee (Deputy Curriculum Development Lead, Imperial)