June 2013| ISSUE 6
Upcoming Events

LKCMedicine Staff Away Day 2013
On 8 July 2013, LKCMedicine will hold our first Staff Away Day at the 11 Mandalay Road Headquarters in Novena. During the Away Day, faculty and non-faculty staff will be introduced to the school ethos and the philosophy that underpins the school’s pedagogy. They will get an opportunity to experience and understand the School’s various innovative learning approaches such as Team-Based Learning and Technology-Enhanced Learning.

School Talks Ahead
Beginning the third week of July, LKCMedicine will be holding talks for students interested to pursue medicine. These talks will be held either at respective schools' venues or at our new auditorium in the Novena campus. Delivered by our School deans, the talks will expand on LKCMedicine's bespoke curriculum and pedagogy, as well as admissions procedures and timelines for future cohorts.

LKCMedicine Website Relaunch and new iPhone App
In July, students and staff of LKCMedicine, as well as our stakeholders and the public, can look forward to a revamped LKCMedicine website, which has been redesigned to better communicate the School’s programmes and philosophy. Coming in July also is the new LKCMedicine iPhone app, which will be made available for free download on the iTunes store.

Training Session for LKCMedicine House Tutors and Senior House Tutors
On 2 July 2013, Dr Tanya Tierney (Assistant Dean, Head of Welfare) and Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee (Assistant Dean, Deputy Head of Welfare) will lead a training session for LKCMedicine House Tutors and Senior House Tutors. To prepare them for their role in supporting our students, they will be introduced to the LKCMedicine ethos and curriculum as well as discuss the potential difficulties our students may face as they make the transition from school-leaver to medical student to doctor. They will meet the staff from LKCMedicine Student Life and Services team as well as counsellors form the NTU Student Wellness Centre. During the training, the five Senior House Tutors and the 10 House tutors will know which of the five houses they have been allocated to and thus the triumvirates will be formed.