Issue 94, January 2011
Engaging exchange
Participants enjoy a fruitful session at a dialogue with NTU Alumni Associations, led by NTU’s Chief University Advancement Officer, Mr Chew Kheng Chuan.

Ms Vu Minh Huong (NBS/Class of 2008), President of the newly set up Cultural Activities Club Alumni Association, was so keen to learn from the other more established alumni associations that she came prepared with three questions.

The moment the dialogue was underway, she got her opportunity to pose the questions.

Ms Vu wanted to find out how her alumni association, being three-month old, could boost its membership base; what were the activities that garner most interest for more senior alumni members; and how to solicit alumni to join as committee members.

In response, Mr Jeffrey Chua Leong Chuan (CSE/Class of 1986), First Vice-President, NTU Alumni Club, shared his experiences from being involved in the club since 2002. Mr Chua highlighted the importance of establishing a clear identity for the Alumni Group so members would know how to relate to the alumni group. He also stressed the need to provide opportunities that are conducive to networking. He commented that Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) plays an important role to support Alumni Groups in their common mission to engage with alumni.

Also shedding light on the subject, Mr Soon Min Yam, Director of Alumni Affairs, NTU, suggested that alumni associations ride on the events organised by his office, for mutual benefits.

Generous volunteering
Mr Chew Kheng Chuan, Chief University Advancement Officer, NTU, took the opportunity to give kudos to all the alumni associations for the network of collective leadership they had established, first as promising student leaders, and now as remarkable NTU Alumni Association Presidents and committee members.

Mr Chew said: “You are volunteering your time, effort, and expertise generously to lead our alumni associations. And what a difference you have made in all that you do!

You initiate engagement with NTU alumni, organise activities regularly, and connect your fellow alumni back to NTU through these and other initiatives. You are also coming forward to raise funds for your alma mater, to sit on interview panels for intake exercises, and to take part in organising alumni reunions.”

Mrs Marina Tan Harper, Director of Development, NTU, tapped the platform to urge members of the alumni associations to continue giving, for “giving is a privilege”. 

Win-win relationship
The dialogue also gave members of the alumni associations a chance to learn about the findings of the alumni affinity and perception survey conducted by AAO.

Many were encouraged and wanted to explore how they could work with AAO towards a win-win outcome.

Mr Siw Tyng Tze (MAE/Class of 2007), Honorary Auditor of the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Alumni Association, asked if the websites of alumni associations could be linked to the alumni website of AAO. Mr Siw, who took part in the dialogue for the first time, was glad he came, for he got his affirmation on the spot from Mr Soon. The latter indicated that online support is available to any alumni associations with their urls already in place.

Healthy representation
The dialogue saw two-third or 19 out of NTU’s 26 local-based alumni associations being represented.

Eleven were school-based alumni associations (AAs), comprising Association of Nanyang University Graduates, Nanyang MBA AA, School of Biological Sciences AA, School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering AA, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering AA, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering AA, School of Materials Science & Engineering AA, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering AA, Technopreneurship & Innovation Program AA, The Nanyang Business School AA, and Chinese Medicine AA.

The remaining eight were interest-based alumni associations, namely, NTU Alumni Club, Anglers' Club AA, Buddhist Society AA, Chinese Society AA, Cultural Activities Club AA, Sports Club AA, Symphonic Band AA, and Welfare Services Club AA.

As many as 69 participants attended the Dialogue with NTU Alumni Associations held on Friday 14 January, at NTU@one-north campus.

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