Issue 136, July 2014
Sports for fun, sports for all!
​Alumni return to campus to enjoy sports and games at NTU Alumni Sports Fiesta 2014

It was a morning of friendly fun as NTU alumni gathered with fellow alumni for some healthy sports competition. Decked out in their sports gear, some 300 participants and their supporters made their way to NTU’s Sports and Recreation Centre on 28 June for the annual NTU Alumni Sports Fiesta organised by the Alumni Affairs Office.

Mr Soon Min Yam, Director of Alumni Affairs, welcomed the participants and thanked them for their support. He then declared the Sports Fiesta open, which was followed by a thrilling performance by the NTU ACES Cheerleading Team.

The first competition of the morning was a closely fought 4 x 100m relay run. There were loud cheers and applause from supporters as runners of six teams raced to take home the coveted first prize, which was won by the team ZHPK comprising alumni friends from different programmes. Following the relay, participants headed to different sports stations to take part in 3-on-3 basketball, tennis doubles, badminton doubles and table-tennis doubles.


‘Team Germany’ and ‘Just4fun’, who were last year’s champion and runners-up respectively for women’s 3-on-3 basketball, returned once again. It was an exciting finish as both teams played against each other in the finals. However, tables were turned this year as ‘Just4fun’ emerged champion whilst ‘Team Germany’ became the runners-up.

President of NTU Chinese Medicine Alumni Association, Ms Fung Foon Yin (SBS/2010), participated in table-tennis with her team-mate Ms Goh Wan Xiu, who is graduating from the National Institute of Education this year. They won the second prize.

In between the various friendly competitions, alumni were also seen chatting and networking at the different sports stations.

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