December 2013 | ISSUE 9
Update on Year 2 Curriculum




Dr Georgina Morris
Curriculum Development Lead, LKCMedicine London Office

With Year 1 now well underway, the LKCMedicine curriculum team has been hard at work developing the curriculum material for Year 2.

As with Year 1, Team-Based Learning (TBL) is the main large group teaching method for Year 2. Almost all of the slides for the voiced over power points (VOPPTs) used as pre-TBL session preparatory material have been produced in draft form. With a few exceptions, these have primarily been produced by London-based clinicians and scientists with invaluable comments and suggestions in relation to the local context from our Singapore colleagues.  Once reviewed in Singapore, finalised slides will be voiced-over in London, with recordings for almost all of the Human Structure and Function course topics in the GI and Blood Teaching Blocks completed and soon to commence for the other Teaching Blocks and courses.

Draft content material has also been completed for the Reproductive Medicine iBook.  Multiple choice, individual and team readiness assessment questions (iRA/tRA) are being produced in parallel to the VOPPTs, with those for the initial GI and Blood Teaching Blocks due for completion and handover in early 2014. Fantastic progress is also being made with the application exercises in Singapore.

Similar to Year 1, students will have a range of small group teaching sessions in Year 2. Plans for the Integrated Clinical Practice, Long Term Patient Project, Medical Humanities, Laboratory and Anatomy practical sessions are well underway, with innovative teaching methods such as high-fidelity simulation and early exposure to clinical skills and scenarios being employed to emphasise the relevance of basic scientific concepts to the practice of medicine. Student Voice evaluation comments received so far reveal the students are highly appreciative of the considerable effort that has been put into the curriculum and teaching.  

Along with Deputy Curriculum Development Lead James Stratford-Martin and our Curriculum Fellows, I am looking forward to our next visit to Singapore in January. In addition to visiting LKCMedicine, we will be presenting at the Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference on the work we have done involving Imperial medical students in helping faculty to develop and review materials for the LKCMedicine MBBS course.