August 2017 (Special Edition) | Issue 31
LKCMedicine expands leadership team with new appointment

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Newly appointed Vice-Dean for Faculty Affairs Prof Michael Ferenczi will ensure that the School develops a nurturing environment that allows faculty members to realise their full potential

0ver the last five years, LKCMedicine has not just grown in student numbers, but the ranks of its research faculty have also multiplied. To ensure strong strategic leadership on academic issues, the School has created the new position of Vice-Dean for Faculty Affairs to nurture, galvanise and energise staff to deliver excellence in teaching, research and service.

On 1 July, LKCMedicine Dean Professor James Best appointed Assistant Dean for Years 1 & 2 and current NTU Senate Chair Professor Michael Ferenczi to the role.

Prof Best said, “As Vice-Dean for Faculty Affairs, Prof Ferenczi will work closely with me and the core leadership to ensure that a structured and robust academic support system is in place to hire and nurture faculty members.”

In his new role, Prof Ferenczi will ensure that the School develops a nurturing environment that allows faculty members to realise their full potential. He will be closely involved in the promotion and tenure process, development of the next generation of leaders as well as institutional initiatives to enhance communication, mentoring, career development, and faculty policy changes.Pull-quote - Leadership.png

LKCMedicine’s faculty currently consists of close to 400 faculty members, including adjunct and joint academic appointees. Among them are internationally renowned scientists such as Nobel laureate Professor Barry Marshall and the School’s first Singapore Translational Research (STaR) Investigator Award recipient Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology John Chambers, as well as a growing pool of talented young scientists who see the School as the right place for them to make their mark.

On his appointment, Prof Ferenczi said, “It is a great honour to be appointed Vice-Dean for Faculty Affairs. In my new role, I wish to ensure that all faculty at LKCMedicine are provided with timely and complete information about the promotion and appraisal process, and that each is treated fairly, with concerns addressed promptly. I am looking forward to working with senior management, the Office of Faculty Affairs and all faculty in the coming years, and hope that faculty will notice a difference. Above all, I wish for faculty to see me as an approachable member of the senior management team.”

At the same time, the School’s Vice-Dean for Research Professor Russell Gruen stepped down to focus exclusively on his role as Executive Director at the NTU Institute for Health Technologies. Prof Gruen continues to be Professor of Surgery at LKCMedicine.

Thanking Prof Gruen for his contributions to the School, Prof Best said, “He has strongly advocated work that bridges bench-to-bedside research and fosters a culture of collaboration between engineers, scientists and clinicians within NTU, LKCMedicine and beyond.”

Prof Best has taken on the role of Vice-Dean for Research until a new appointment is confirmed.