Issue 91, October 2010
Happy days
Alumni from the Classes of 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005 recall in merriment the days spent on the campus at their combined reunion held at NTU.

From romance to romancing campus beauties, the alumni had a lot to share of their happy campus days.

Alumni couple, Mr Chan Ying Beau (MAE/Class of 1995) and Ms Chong Pei Ling (NBS/Class of 1996), recalled their courtship on IRC, or the then Internet Relay Chat.

Mr Chan said: “I went through the numerical identity card numbers of students and chose those starting with “74”. This was how I made sure I was talking only to the fairer gender. When we started chatting, NTU was still using the 386 series of computers. There were no graphics on the screen and all you could see were green words on a black background.” He and his wife were all smiles when they shared their little “secret”. Both got married after graduation. 

Those were the days
A few from the Class of 1990 - engineering graduates - happily recounted how they used to "annoy" their female peers from accountancy.

Those were also the days when the university's engineering discipline was typically male dominated, recalled alumnus Jimmy Tan (CEE/Class of 1990). Then, there was an influx of the opposite gender into accountancy. They became the talk of the campus. Two beauties, in particular, often had their names called out by male students whenever they were in sight. Their names were even abbreviated to L2 and L3 for "subtlety". These abbreviations might still ring a bell to alumni of the era.

Mr Tan fondly remembered, too, the rustic feel of the old campus, where there were plenty more green spaces for students to unwind after a stressful day.

Best times of your life
Welcoming the alumni back to NTU, Guest-of-Honour, Prof Er Meng Hwa, Senior Associate Provost, NTU, highlighted that the campus days were probably the best times of one’s life. These were the times when intimate and precious friendships were forged.

As he delivered his opening address to kick start the reunion, he apprised alumni of the latest developments of the university. Key among which was the setting up of Singapore’s third medical school, a partnership between NTU and the Imperial College London. 

Mr Ting Chee Kheong (MSE/Class of 1995), who represented the reunion’s organising committees, took the chance to encourage fellow alumni to cherish the link they have with NTU, for it identifies them with a reputable university.

To make the reunion more meaningful, each of the four classes laid its class plaque at the Quad. The Quad is a site on campus where the class plaques of the present, past and future graduating classes, are placed.

Alumni were also treated to wine appreciation and the art of tea-making at the reunion. Even the children who came along had their treat – a magic show.

Happiness was written on the faces of alumni, but the happiest of them all would have to be Ms Sia Pei Pei (MAE/Class of 1990). Ms Sia went home with an iPad she won from a lucky draw held at the end of the reunion.

The anniversary reunion for the Classes of 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005 took place on 25 September, at Nanyang Auditorium Foyer, NTU. The event attracted about 160 participants.

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