Issue 90, September 2010
Are you in touch with your classmates?
You'll have every reason to be when you volunteer as a Class Agent and be your class representative.

Becoming a Class Agent is beneficial to you and the University in more ways than one.

First, Class Agent gives you an opportunity to keep in touch with your former classmates. Alumni who are appointed as our Class Agents undertake a meaningful task – to keep NTU's Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) updated of the contact details of your former classmates, so that the alumni database of the AAO is kept up-to-date.

Second, by ensuring that we have the latest contact details, you are actually ensuring that they, like you, will get to receive first-hand news about NTU's developments through the correspondence that would be sent to the correct mailing address. This way, you and your university mates can stay connected to your alma mater and build a stronger sense of community to the Nanyang alumni family.

Class Agents, an initiative of AAO, will undoubtedly provide you with yet another reason to get in touch with former class mates whom you might have lost contact with. Of course, if you are already in touch with your old chums, the easier it is for you to secure their latest contact details.

Being a Class Agent also means that you will be doing something 'green'. You see, the more up-to-date our contact details are, the more we are able to cut down on the number of returned mail we receive each time an invite or magazine is posted to an incorrect address. Imagine the number of trees saved in the long run!

Many alumni have volunteered to play the meaningful role of being a Class Agent, but we still need YOU.

If you would like to volunteer, or know of someone from your class year who is in touch with his or her former classmates, please fill up the form here. To find out more, dial 6790 6557 or email us.

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