February 2017 | Issue 28
Classes start at the Clinical Sciences Building

It’s back to school with a difference for LKCMedicine students this year, as classes for many of them started at the brand new Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) at the heart of the upcoming HealthCity Novena.

Since January, Team-Based Learning (TBL) lessons and anatomy practicals have moved to the bespoke built learning facilities at CSB. The Anatomy Learning Centre, which consists of 11 alcoves clustered around a central teaching area, allows students to focus and interact with one another as well as their teachers as they work through specific anatomical structures using plastinated specimens and the Anatomage table, histology slides and clinical images, such as MRI, ultrasound and x-ray.

NEWS - CSB 1 (Custom).JPG
LKCMedicine students hard at work in the new Learning Studio

“The anatomy practical laboratories have made anatomy teaching more conducive,” said Year 1 student Ashwin Singaram. “The alcove clusters aided us in creating targeted areas for the learning of gross anatomy, imaging and histology.”

The Learning Studio is another favourite amongst the students, who spend most of their TBL classes there. Located on the fifth floor, students enjoy lessons while basking in the natural sunlight through the ceiling-high windows that overlook the cityscape.

Year 1 student Nadia Nasuha said, “Although it looks almost the same as the one at the Experimental Medicine Building, the view of the Central Business District skyline from the CSB Learning Studio is amazing. It is a very calming view and I really like how a lot of sunlight spills into the place.”

Several seminar and meeting rooms are also available for the students to study and discuss topics related to their classes. Students also spend their time in the new medical library on the top floor of the building, which provides an inspiring and relaxing environment to study in.

Besides spending their time at the learning facilities, the students also get to enjoy more spaces for recreational purposes. Spread out across the entire eighth floor is a dedicated recreational space, with a gym for the health conscious, a Multi-Purpose Hall and dance studio, and five dedicated rooms for each of the School’s Houses. But, the most frequently used room out of the entire building is the student lounge, where students unwind and socialise with one another in a comfortably furnished abode.

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Teaching and learning takes on a whole new level the new Anatomy Learning Centre

“The presence of the fridges and the sofas are very useful for students who need to store their lunches or catch quick naps before the next round of classes,” said Year 1 student Andrew Yap, “Both the pool and foosball tables also provide a fun way of bonding with classmates during lull periods.”

Staff and faculty have also started moving in from the Novena Headquarters and EMB; while researchers are filling the shiny new labs lined with floor-to-ceiling windows with state-of-the-art equipment for their latest research. With a dedicated collaboration space, researchers are able to easily come together to share ideas and work together in the same environment.

With facilities that cater to both work and play, LKCMedicine students, staff and faculty have now found a new home where they can build character and careers.