February 2014| ISSUE 10
The Role of LKCMedSoc

By Huang Baoxian
President, LKCMedSoc

The term “MedSoc” bears many meanings. For most people, it refers to a specific group of five people, also known as the Executive Committee. For me, however, the LKCMedicine MedSoc (LKCMedSoc) is
the fraternity of all the medical students in LKCMedicine - a union where everyone belongs, where our collective interests are placed first before our own.

As a representation of the student body, the MedSoc acts as a voice to provide feedback to the School. Being the pioneer batch to try out the curriculum, there are certain glitches and concerns that arise from the teaching methods, technology and materials. There exists a friendly environment for feedback, where concerns can be raised either individually in electronic surveys or in the numerous meetings of MedSoc and faculty staff, including the Deans. This feedback is essential for LKCMedicine to improve and refine the medical education for us and for the generations ahead.

From left to right: Moses Ko, Toh Ying Jie, Huang Baoxian, Ryan Chen and Zachary Teo

At the heart of MedSoc is student welfare Vice-President (Welfare) Toh Ying Jie takescare of the basal needs of the students. From making umbrellas available for the rainy days to furnishing the student lounge with comfy seats and entertainment devices (yes, we now have a foosball table and a pool table), Ying Jie and his committee work towards making our lives in school better.

If student welfare is the heart of MedSoc, student life would be its coronary arteries, supplying vital nutrition to fuel the heart.Moses Ko, our Vice-President (Student Life) is the man to go to if you are looking out for fun-filled activities to participate in. Overseeing the running of events such as the Post-Exam Party and Orientation Camp, school just gets more and more exciting with so many activities to look forward to.

All of MedSoc’s initiatives carried out by Ying Jie and Moses would be impossible without the help of Zachary Teo and Ryan Chen, who are the Treasurer and Secretary of the MedSoc. They are the liver
and kidneys of the body, serving to process all financial procedures and paperwork of the MedSoc.
They are the unseen warriors, working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the MedSoc.

As President of LKCMedSoc, I am privileged to lead my very talented and creative committee to serve the students of LKCMedicine. Together, we work towards bringing change that will improve student life and education, so that generations of students, not just us, will benefit from our efforts.