April 2013|ISSUE 5
Cutting-Edge Tool for Virtual Body Dissection 

By Dr Dinesh Kumar Srinivasan

I am pleased to announce that LKCMedicine is the first in Southeast Asia to do virtual body dissection on the latest Anatomage Table, which offers an interactive 3D experience.  The Anatomage Table will be used as a supplementary teaching tool for anatomy lessons.

The Anatomage Table offers a realistic rendering of full body, life-size anatomy in 3D.
It features a touch operation which allows students to virtually dissect and study in-depth the various parts of the human anatomy. About 12 people can stand around and interact with the Anatomage Table at one time. Custom notes can be added to the anatomical structures for better visualisation.  As such, students will be able to better visualise organs and muscles, for instance as compared to merely observing cadavers. “In a cadaver, if you remove an organ, you cannot put it back in” this is something previous teaching methods were unable to do so.

In addition, actual MRI and CT scans can be uploaded onto the Anatomage Table, allowing students to learn from real-life scenarios. This cutting-edge tool will help medical students to understand different pathological conditions. 

A thorough working knowledge of anatomy is required for all medical doctors, especially surgeons, anesthetists and radiologists.  Thus, the Anatomage Table may be used for clinical and residency training in the future.