December 2017 | Issue 33
Six projects win inaugural Jenny Higham Award

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By Dr Tanya Tierney, Assistant Dean for Clinical Communication Training & Student Welfare

One of the most frequently asked questions by prospective students and their parents is about the possibilities for LKCMedicine students to interact with students and faculty from Imperial. One of the exciting ways in which this is happening is through the Jenny Higham Award.

This award was inspired by Professor Jenny Higham’s generosity as she donated her prize money after winning the university-level Nanyang Education Award (Gold) in 2015. This generous donation, along with matching contributions from LKCMedicine and Imperial established the fund for this award. Although Prof Higham is no longer at Imperial (she is now Principal at St George’s Medical School, London), her strong desire to support collaboration at all levels between LKCMedicine and Imperial lives on in this award.

The award invites student teams (which must have at least one student from each institution) to apply for projects that demonstrate collaboration and interaction between students at the two institutions. The categories of project may include, but are not limited to:

  • Community involvement or humanitarian projects (e.g. local or overseas community projects organised at both schools)
  • Medical education research
  • Comparative student experience studies (e.g. in teaching pedagogy)
  • Collaborative projects (e.g. in performing or visual arts by student clubs and societies)
  • Workshops, seminars or conferences (e.g. joint poster or paper presentation at conferences)

Applications are then reviewed by a panel including representatives from LKCMedicine and Imperial, as well as Prof Higham, who remains a Visiting Professor at LKCMedicine. Successful projects are awarded with up to $5,000 to cover the project’s budgeted expenses.

We were excited to review the applications for the inaugural award and overjoyed to see the range of proposals that the students had developed. Six projects were awarded and the teams are expected to produce an interim report and a final report demonstrating their achievements. The award cycle will culminate in a celebratory event with poster presentations in May 2018.

Project title LKCMedicine students Imperial students
Accelerating cross-centre collaboration through developing an online portal for student-led joint Imperial and LKCMedicine academic projects

Lavisha S. Punjabi
Aletheia Chia
Goh Kang Shiong

Uddhav Vaghela
Jake Mossom
Simon Rabinowicz
Comparing patients' perspectives on primary care in Singapore and the UKJonathan Koo
Beverley Lim
Ng Wei Xiang
Dania Badran
Medical education research collaboration (impact of Team-Based Learning)Claudia Tong
Lee Hai Quan
Joey Wong
Jack Teh Jhia Jiat
Collaboration between LKCMedicine-Imperial Surgical Societies (teaching of clinical skills and exchange programmes)Eugene LeongGargi Samarth
Overseas Community Involvement Project (Davao, Philippines)Sieow Je Shen (team lead)Amruni Choudhari
Overseas Community Involvement Project (Cambodia)George Lin (team lead)Julia Graef


Whilst the inaugural projects are ongoing, we are busy planning for the second round of awards and will soon be inviting proposals for the 2018 award. Students who are interested in participating can approach LKCMedicine Medical Society International Relations Representative Class of 2021 Lo Woon Theng, who can facilitate introductions to like-minded students to form teams, and many discussions have already started.

We are looking forward to another round of exciting projects, with successful teams receiving their award​ in May.