April 2014 | ISSUE 11
LKCMedicine remains a favourite among undergrads

From more than 800 applications, LKCMedicine shortlisted more than 300 candidates to attend the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI), the last hurdle potential LKCMedicine students have to tackle before they are offered a place at the School. They are competing for 78 places in this second LKCMedicine intake, 24 more than in the inaugural cohort.

The objective of the MMI, which runs from 11 to 21 April 2014 at the Nanyang Executive Centre at NTU, is to assess the candidates' aptitude and capability to successfully complete the MBBS programme. While the MMI is a relatively new interview format for an undergraduate medical degree in Singapore, it has been used successfully by many medical schools overseas.

At LKCMedicine, the MMI is a series of eight stations which candidates rotate through in a timed circuit. Candidates will be presented with a scenario at each station. After two minutes of reading the scenario, they have to enter the interview room where they will be given five minutes to discuss the scenario with their interviewer and answer questions. Interviewers have gone through training on LKCMedicine’s code of conduct and interview techniques and are members of faculty, clinicians or laypersons.

This year, one of the stations has been changed to include a role playing scenario to better assess candidates’ aptitudes. The role players, too, were trained to ensure uniformity and standardisation of role playing. It will be interesting to see how the candidates perform at this station.

Advice from the inaugural cohort

As the first ever in Singapore to go through the MMI last year, the inaugural cohort of LKCMedicine students found the scenarios and questions from interviewers challenging but manageable. Some of the scenarios even looked relatively simple – at first glance.

The follow-up questions, however, proved more thought-provoking. Candidate responses to these questions help interviewers to evaluate personal qualities and non-cognitive skills. Oftentimes, there are no right or wrong answers.

The main advice the inaugural cohort has for this year’s candidates is to consider a variety of perspectives when formulating a response.

With the MMI as the cornerstone of the robust and rigorous selection process, LKCMedicine is confident to continue to admit the best students.