Issue 90, September 2010
Beyond the call of duty
The recipients of the 2010 President’s Award for Teachers have gone out of their way to nurture students holistically. They are an inspiration to fellow alumni from the National Institute of Education. 

From developing students into civic-minded citizens, to affirming and motivating them to achieve exceptional success, these teachers often go the extra mile. They educate, lead, care and inspire their young charges so as to develop them into all-round individuals for the future.

Receiving the award from President S R Nathan, the outstanding teachers are: Mdm Emelyn Soon Bee Hong from CHIJ Kellock; Mr Devindra Sapai s/o Indrasapai from Seng Kang Primary School; Miss Teh Wan from Townsville Primary School; and Mrs Mohana Eswaran from Regent Secondary School.

Nurturing social-emotional growth
Mdm Emelyn Soon works hard at developing her pupils into concerned citizens with a strong sense of civic responsibility. She also shapes them into keen contributors willing to take on an active role in improving the lives of others around them.

Through a wide repertoire of teaching strategies to promote interest in learning, she designed and demonstrated how to meaningfully infuse Social Emotional Learning competencies into her pastoral care lessons.

Developing character
As Dean of Pupil Development in Seng Kang Primary School, Mr Devindra Sapai plays a key role in ensuring that the teaching of values is embedded across all disciplines. He cares passionately about the character and moral development of all his pupils.

Mr Devindra is personally involved with “at risk” pupils, working with colleagues, parents, educational psychologists and the community to improve their lives.

Sparking interest
Miss Teh Wan believes that it is important to spark her pupils’ interest in Mathematics, a subject she teaches. To help her pupils attain their goals, she teaches them to set target; she also spends time to review their targets regularly.

A skilful classroom practitioner, Miss Teh is passionate about developing and honing the professionalism of teachers and has shared her experiences and pedagogical skills with her colleagues at various levels.

Boosting morale
Mrs Eswaran is regarded by her young charges as a confidante they can trust to share their problems with. They appreciate her efforts in affirming their work; it boosts morale and spurs them on.

Mrs Eswaran’s sincerity and enthusiasm have also been commended by parents and partners of her school, many of whom she collaborates with, to enrich the learning of her pupils. She values every opportunity she gets to contribute to the teaching fraternity.

The annual President’s Award for Teachers recognises the commitment of teachers towards the total development of students and to nation-building. The awards were presented at the Istana during the Teachers’ Day reception on 1 September.

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