Issue 84, March 2010
Time for memories and celebration
Alumni from the classes of 1960, 1965 and 1970 return to the campus for their anniversary reunions.

Enthusiastic alumni formed a working committee to organise the 50th, 45th and 40th anniversary celebrations for alumni from the Classes of 1960, 1965 and 1970. Chaired by Mr Chen Mong Tse from the Class of 1960, the organising committee worked tirelessly for the event which attracted close to 200 alumni from these classes who came together for an afternoon of rekindling memories and remembering friends. Graced by NTU President Dr Su Guaning, the reunion was held on 21 March at the foyer of the School of Biological Sciences.

In his address to the alumni, Dr Su Guaning spoke on NTU’s strategic plan till 2015 which would involve much focus on five peaks of excellence. Dr Su also gave a brief introduction on NTU’s 55th anniversary this year as well as the hosting of international athletes as the official Youth Olympics Games Village.

Days gone by
The alumni who returned to campus spent the afternoon remembering their days in Nanyang University when they were students full of enthusiasm. However, what has remained unchanged today is their youthful spirit and warm-heartedness.

Some did admit that while it was the first time they met again here in the campus after their graduation some 40 or 50 years ago, but they never forgot each other’s names. Laughter was heard at every corner of the foyer as they alumni recalled the past stories and anecdotes in the campus.

Vice-Chairman of the Combined Reunion Organising Committee, Mr Goh Tong Pak from the Class of 1970 gave a welcome address where he spoke on how the alumni had ‘grown together’ with the Nation and held high, the Nantah spirit of standing on a firm footing and striving unceasingly for the best. He hoped that the friendship among fellow alumni would remain evergreen.

While enjoying their lunch, the alumni were entertained by excellent performances by some alumni themselves as well as by performers from NTU students’ clubs. Dr Su and other distinguished guests were also invited to sing a song ‘Chuan Deng’ (Passing the lanterns) together, and that surely warmed the hearts of all who were present.

During the event, alumni from the Class of 1970 also witnessed the laying of the 1970 Class Plaque at the Quad. As the event ended in a warm and cordial atmosphere, it was still not an easy parting for many alumni as they stayed on to continue chatting. Indeed, while reconnecting with old acquaintances, some made new friends as well.

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