March 2015, Issue 63


Student IT Background Survey 2014: Internet and Email Usage

Centre for IT Services

5,742 new students responded to the online Student Information Technology Background Survey conducted by the Centre for IT Services (CITS) during the period from mid-January to end July 2014.

IT Connect had published the survey results on PC and personal device ownership, mobile service subscription and smartphone usage, and software familiarity in the previous issues.

Last issue, we analysed the mode of Internet access of our freshmen. In this issue, we analyse their Internet and email usage pattern. Their usage of Internet services will be analysed in the next issue.

Time Spent on Internet

The percentage of students spending longer hours per week surfing the Internet has decreased slightly (Chart 1). 31.5% of the students surveyed are spending more than 20 hours per week netsurfing as compared to 31.8% the year before.

Chart 1


Checking on Email      

There is little change in the email usage habit for students. 58.2% of the surveyed students check their email box at least once a day, 30.8% of them check once every 2 or 3 days, and 9.2% of them check once a week (Chart 2).

Chart 2